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What Are The Three Main Types of Life Insurance?

Life insurance can be a difficult topic, both emotionally and practically. With eight different types of life insurance available, how would you know which is the best option for you? At Craig Insurance Group, we’re committed to helping people just like you navigate the world of life insurance, so they walk away with a policy that suits their needs. We’re happy to serve the Raleigh, NC area, and appreciate all of our clients.

There are three main types of life insurance that you may be interested in exploring:

1) Term Life Insurance

Cheaper than other types of life insurance, term life insurance lasts for a set number of years. You make payments when you buy the insurance and your beneficiaries receive the money once you’ve passed away. If this occurs before the term is over, a set amount of money will be paid to your beneficiaries, typically in a lump sum.

2) Whole Life Insurance

Unlike Term Life Insurance, this insurance does not expire. Instead, there is a death benefit and a cash value, essentially an investment-like savings account. You will be covered as long as your premiums are paid.

3) Universal Life Insurance

Much like Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance is set up with a death benefit and cash value. It should be noted, however, that the interest rate on Universal Life Insurance is influenced by the current market rate. Therefore, if the interest falls below a minimum threshold, your premium will have to rise in order to make up the difference.

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Contact us today at Craig Insurance Group to speak to one of our qualified agents about your life insurance options. We’re proud to serve the Raleigh, NC area and are available to help you navigate the world of life insurance.

Choosing a Renter’s Insurance Policy

You may think you don’t need insurance in Raleigh, NC because you don’t own your home. But if you’re renting an apartment, condo, or house, your landlord’s insurance only covers the building itself—not your belongings. Even if you’re recently on your own and have a few things of value, renter’s insurance is a must.

What is Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance is an insurance policy that covers your belongings in the event of certain disasters, such as a fire. It also provides liability coverage if someone’s injured in your home.

And, it can even cover your costs if you have to live elsewhere while your rental is being repaired. Your Craig Insurance Group agent can help you customize your policy to get the coverage you need.

Benefits of Renter’s Insurance

There are several reasons you should get renter’s insurance, even if you’re on a tight budget. For one, it’s relatively inexpensive—often just a few dollars a month. And, if something happens to your belongings, you won’t have to pay out of pocket to replace them.

But even if you have very little, a fire, flood, or other covered event can leave you with nothing. Many people don’t think about it.

Renter’s insurance also provides liability coverage, which protects you if someone’s injured in your home. This is important even if you don’t think you have anything worth suing for. And, if someone sues you, renter’s insurance can help pay for an attorney.

How Much Renter’s Insurance Do I Need?

We will be happy to help you figure out how much coverage you need. It’s a good idea to insure your belongings for their replacement value—what it would cost to buy them new.

You can also insure them for their actual cash value, which is what they’re currently worth. This option is often less expensive, but remember that it may not cover the total cost of replacing your things.

Contact Craig Insurance Group in Raleigh, NC today to get a quote on renter’s insurance. We’ll help you find the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Do I Need Rental Reimbursement Coverage?

If you have been shopping for car insurance in Raleigh, NC, you have likely been advised to consider adding rental reimbursement coverage to your policy at some point. You should get rental reimbursement coverage because it’s among the essential auto insurance add-ons that you can get.

Here’s what to know.:

1. What Is Rental Reimbursement Coverage? 

Suppose you get into a collision, and your vehicle is damaged, and you have collision or comprehensive coverage as part of your auto insurance cover. In that case, the insurer will pay to repair it. According to reliable statistics, the average duration for a car repair after a collision is 11 days. This means that you will not have your car for the period of the repair and you need alternative transport which will cost you extra. Rental reimbursement coverage will pay the additional cost of you using alternative transportation.

2. Why Do You Need Rental Reimbursement Coverage?

There are numerous advantages to having rental reimbursement coverage on your auto policy. This is why at Craig Insurance Group, we encourage you to get this coverage. The advantages are:

  • Cheaper cost: Paying for alternative transportation out of pocket when your vehicle is being repaired after a collision can be very expensive. This is especially true if you have to rent a car. Getting rental reimbursement coverage is a cheaper alternative. The coverage is usually affordable because most insurers have business deals with car rental companies. 
  • Convenience: Not having a mode of transportation can be very disruptive to your life, especially if you hadn’t set aside some emergency money for this purpose in advance. Having rental reimbursement coverage as part of your auto policy eliminates this hurdle. Additionally, your insurer will conveniently provide you with a rental car as soon as they take away your vehicle for repair. 

Are you a Raleigh, NC, resident looking for auto insurance with useful coverage add-ons? Contact Craig Insurance Group today.

Boat Safety Tips

There are few things better than spending a day on the water with your friends and family. Keep yourself, your friends, your family, and other boaters safe by following these five tips outlined below:

  1. Have a Boat Safety Kit: Since you can’t always predict when an emergency or accident will happen, you want to be prepared as best as possible with essential items like a flashlight, duct tape, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, bucket, garbage bags, whistle, and a mirror to signal for help. 
  2. Check Your Life Jackets: Many people believe that a life jacket’s only job is to keep you afloat, but this is far from the case with the majority being designed to keep you face up if you lose consciousness and prevent hypothermia. By law, you must have a Coast Guard-approved life jacket for each person on the boat and anyone under the age of 13 must wear a life jacket at all times. 
  3. Know the Weather: Inclement weather can move fast so be sure to check that there are incoming storms before you leave the house.
  4. Participate in a Boating Safety Course: With the majority of boats being caused by operator error, it is imperative that everyone on the vessel knows how to safely operate a vessel and any state-specific requirements. BoatUS Foundation maintains a number of free boating safety courses that can be taken online. 
  5. Have Your Vessel Inspected: The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary offers free Vessel Safety Checks that ensure your boat is ready for the water. As an added benefit, there are no penalties if your watercraft does not pass.

For more information on boat insurance, schedule a complimentary consultation with an employee at Craig Insurance Group in Raleigh, NC. We look forward to helping you with all your insurance needs.

4 Key Areas Covered by RV Insurance

Owing an RV is quite an investment as it doesn’t come cheap. It’s also an exciting feeling touring with everything under one roof. But before you hit the road, think about your safety and your huge investment. RV insurance is a safety net you ought to think about in case of an unfortunate occurrence. That said, you need proper coverage for your RV. Many coverage options are available, making it essential for you to understand them before signing that policy.

Craig Insurance Group is here to help you understand four key areas covered by RV insurance. Let’s explore.

  • Liability coverage: North Carolina requires you to have at least a minimum liability coverage if your RV is on the road. Liability insurance protects you from damage or injuries caused by your RV to others like legal costs, medical, or property damage.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Some accidents do not necessarily happen on the road. You never know what can happen outdoors, so comprehensive coverage is ideal. It covers most of the things that may happen to your RV, like fire, vandalism, theft, etc.
  • Collision coverage: Collision coverage foots the cost of repairing or replacing your RV regardless of who is at fault. However, you will have to pay for the deductible as stated in your policy.
  • Underinsured/ uninsured motorist: Not everyone will follow the law. You still find uninsured motorists on the road. If your RV got hit by someone with no insurance, you would have to foot the bill. It is the same case if the underinsured hit you. The cost may not come cheap. That’s why underinsured and uninsured policies come in handy.

RV insurance in Raleigh, NC

You don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law, and nor do you want to wipe out all your savings in the name of RV damages and claims. Be smart, buy RV insurance, and travel the world with nothing to worry about. If you live in Raleigh, NC, or the surrounding area, contact us at Craig Insurance Group for your policy.

What exactly is umbrella insurance and why do I need it?

Umbrella insurance is one of those types of insurance that makes most people just shake their heads. They are not sure exactly what it is and why they need it. At Craig Insurance Group in Raleigh, NC, we want to make sure that all of our clients know what umbrella insurance is and why it would be a good idea to have it. As independent insurance agents, it is our job to provide our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about coverage. 

It is not surprising that the term umbrella insurance confuses people. It is not insurance that protects your umbrella. But, if you picture an umbrella and the type of protection it offers you from a rainstorm, you get a better idea of why it is called umbrella insurance. 

In order to purchase umbrella insurance, you already need to have a primary policy that has liability coverage. Umbrella is excess liability coverage above and beyond what your policy has. When you have an umbrella policy, it works with all the other liability coverage that you have. It can protect your assets from legal action from an auto accident, injury at your home, and more. 

What liability insurance does is protect your assets. If you have no assets, then you don’t need umbrella insurance, but most people have more assets than they realize. If you get sued, your assets could be lost to a judgment against you if you don’t have enough liability coverage. A typical umbrella insurance policy starts at one million dollars and goes up from there. With the size of judgments these days, having enough liability insurance is essential. You don’t need to be wealthy to benefit from this important insurance coverage.  

Contact Craig Insurance Group in Raleigh, NC for all your umbrella insurance needs. 

Are You Required to Have Flood Insurance in North Carolina?

Is there a requirement to have flood insurance if you live in the state of North Carolina? It’s crucial you know the answer to this question when you are buying a house there. You can talk to an agent at Craig Insurance Group of the Raleigh, NC area for more information about this matter and much more. 

Do You Need to Have Flood Insurance if You Live in North Carolina? 

It’s mandatory that people who own homes or businesses in high-risk flood zones get flood insurance if they have a mortgage from a lender that’s federally regulated. This is not required at the federal level if you have a property that’s in a low or moderate-risk area. It’s still likely a good idea to have this, especially if you have valuables that you want to cover with a policy. 

Who Is Eligible for Flood Insurance? 

You may be surprised to learn that everyone is eligible for flood insurance. In order to qualify under the National Flood Insurance Program for coverage, it depends on the community and zone you live in. If you aren’t eligible under this program, you may be able to get insurance from a private carrier.  

Why Visit an Independent Agent for Your Insurance? 

You’d do well to visit an independent agent to discuss your insurance needs. They can help you determine if you should get flood insurance coverage and what specific policy terms are best in your unique situation. Whether you are just moving into a house or opening a business in the Raleigh, NC area, you should reach out to the team at Craig Insurance Group for more assistance.

How to Shop for Renters’ Insurance

At Craig Insurance Group in Raleigh, NC, we want everyone to have the insurance coverage they need at a price they can afford. Knowing how to shop for insurance is the first step to getting a good deal. Each type of insurance is unique, but these steps will help you when shopping for renters’ insurance.

Assess Your Valuables

You don’t necessarily need to inventory the items in your rental, but it will absolutely help you find a renters’ insurance policy that fits your needs. Get receipts if you can, especially for more expensive items. Take pictures of everything, and store them somewhere you can reach them if you lose everything else. Online storage is a good option, but you should keep multiple backups. Feel free to bundle less expensive or bulk items together on your list.

Research Renters’ Insurance Providers

Even if you have a working relationship with one provider for another type of coverage like your auto policy, you should research potential providers through the lens of renters’ insurance. Look for their renters’ insurance options. Reviews from customers who had renters’ insurance through those companies can sometimes be helpful, but they’re not always unbiased.

Ask for a Quote

Once you’ve decided which providers you’d like to try, it’s time to get quotes. Few insurance providers will give you more than the basic idea of their coverage options without more details. Price quotes you see in reviews are not very reliable for that same reason. Once the provider has your details, they apply their company policy to the details to determine your premium, liability limits, and other policy factors.

Get an Agent’s Help

An insurance agent specializes in helping pair people with an insurance provider. Craig Insurance Group can help Raleigh, NC renters compile their asset information, add insight into insurance providers, and get quotes from multiple providers with less hassle.

RV Insurance for Full-Timers

Whether because of rising housing costs or wanting to stay on the road, you may have decided that living in an RV is a comfortable lifestyle that works for you and yours. Raleigh, NC is a wonderful city to live near, no matter how you do it, so we at Craig Insurance Group will do our best to get you matched with an RV insurance policy that suits your living conditions.

Most people who have an RV will have a part-time RV insurance policy since they will leave their vehicle parked and unused for months at a time. If you’re transitioning from another living situation into an RV that you have owned for some time, you may already have this type of coverage. Part-time coverage is a valid option, but those who live in their RV will need full-time RV insurance.

Aside from not having any periods of inactivity like part-time insurance does, you’ll typically have higher limits and a wider range of coverage that reflects the increased importance of the RV in your living situation. The policy more resembles a homeowners’ insurance policy, but you’ll still have the on-road protection needed whether your RV is towed or drivable. The combination of benefits is an all-around better solution for anyone using their RV as a full-time place to live.

Like any insurance policy, you’ll have optional coverage that will increase your premiums but provide benefits in more scenarios. The type of RV, its value, your driving record, and other factors will also be considered when a company is offering you a policy. To get a better idea of what full-time RV insurance offers and to get help finding the right provider, Craig Insurance Group of Raleigh, NC can be contacted through our website at any time.

Knowing How Much Boat Insurance Your Yacht Needs

Do you own a yacht and want to protect it against damage? Then, you need to find boat insurance that makes sense for your needs. At Craig Insurance Group, we know how to set up Raleigh, NC boat insurance that makes sense for you and provides you with a high level of great protection. 

Getting the Coverage You Deserve 

Your boat insurance will vary according to the overall size and value of your yacht. The value will increase based on the size. For example, a 27-foot boat will have a much less comprehensive policy than a 90-foot boat. Is there a good golden rule that you can use to insure your boat?

Yes, thankfully. Most insurance companies have a very simple guideline that you can use to set up your coverage: the 1.5% rule. What does this percentage mean? In essence, it gives you a simple way of creating a coverage option for your boat without paying too much money. 

Get your boat assessed by your insurance team or another professional and then find 1.5% of its overall value. Then, create a policy for that amount of money. This rule is powerful because it helps to create a great level of insurance without overwhelming you and your financial situation.

That said, it might be worth talking to your insurance company to figure out if there are other coverage options available to you. They might have slightly different rules, expectations, and guidelines and you must understand how each of these differs to ensure that you get the best overall experience.

Find a Policy Today 

Are you looking for boat insurance that will cover your yacht? If so, please contact us at Craig Insurance Group right away. We have helped many Raleigh, NC residents get the high-quality coverage that they need. 

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