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Benefits of Flood Insurance

Regrettably, floods being the most prevalent natural disaster in the U.S.A, it’s unfortunate that protection for losses from flooding is not covered in standard homeowners and renters insurance policies. North Carolina is frequently vulnerable to flooding, including seasonal heavy rains and hurricanes annually. Coverage for flood damage in North Carolina is generally available under a separate policy given through the National Flood Insurance Program(NFIP). As a Raleigh, NC resident, it’s paramount to forge a contingency plan to prepare for any eventualities. Connect with our agents at Craig Insurance Group situated in Raleigh, NC to get a good coverage design to meet your needs and budget.

Is flood insurance mandatory in North Carolina?

North Carolina law doesn’t demand residents to carry flood insurance. Nevertheless, suppose your home is situated in an area designated by FEMA as a flood-prone area. In that case, you may be required to procure flood coverage to be eligible for a mortgage-backed by the federal government. Therefore, it is paramount to consider acquiring flood insurance even if your home isn’t considered as high risk of flooding. Buying flood insurance from Craig Insurance Group can be beneficial in the following ways:

Protect your property

Are you aware that even one inch of water can propagate damages worth more than $25,000 to your dwelling? Statistics from the Federal Emergency Management Agency show that 20% of flood claims emanate outside designated flood zones. Given that your home is one of the precious assets you own, it requires prolific protection from flood damage to avert exorbitant repairs out of pocket. Flood insurance also safeguards your walls, roof, floor, and other permanent fixtures in your dwelling when floods strike.

Protect your loved ones

Home is a haven for your family. Unfortunately, flooding can relegate your family to homelessness or renting a house. If you value your dwelling and your loved ones, procure magnificent flood insurance to protect them from the devastating effects of flooding.

It accords you peace of mind.

The weather is an unpredictable situation. Floods can occur abruptly without any prior warning, propagating substantial damage to your apartment and your belongings. Every time there is a looming storm, discard these worries, obtain spectacular flood insurance for inner peace of mind.

Regrettably, many residents of Raleigh, NC have the misconception that home insurance covers flood-related damages. Yet, they realize how powerful flood insurance is after the worst happens. Contact or visit us at Craig Insurance Group offices to avert these stress-stricken moments after a flood.

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