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Knowing How Much Boat Insurance Your Yacht Needs

Do you own a yacht and want to protect it against damage? Then, you need to find boat insurance that makes sense for your needs. At Craig Insurance Group, we know how to set up Raleigh, NC boat insurance that makes sense for you and provides you with a high level of great protection. 

Getting the Coverage You Deserve 

Your boat insurance will vary according to the overall size and value of your yacht. The value will increase based on the size. For example, a 27-foot boat will have a much less comprehensive policy than a 90-foot boat. Is there a good golden rule that you can use to insure your boat?

Yes, thankfully. Most insurance companies have a very simple guideline that you can use to set up your coverage: the 1.5% rule. What does this percentage mean? In essence, it gives you a simple way of creating a coverage option for your boat without paying too much money. 

Get your boat assessed by your insurance team or another professional and then find 1.5% of its overall value. Then, create a policy for that amount of money. This rule is powerful because it helps to create a great level of insurance without overwhelming you and your financial situation.

That said, it might be worth talking to your insurance company to figure out if there are other coverage options available to you. They might have slightly different rules, expectations, and guidelines and you must understand how each of these differs to ensure that you get the best overall experience.

Find a Policy Today 

Are you looking for boat insurance that will cover your yacht? If so, please contact us at Craig Insurance Group right away. We have helped many Raleigh, NC residents get the high-quality coverage that they need. 

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