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Classic Car Insurance in North Carolina

When you invest in a classic car, it is imperative for you to obtain proper insurance coverage to protect your investment.

The age of a vehicle is not the only thing that makes it a classic vehicle. To be considered a classic car in North Carolina, the vehicle must be at least 20 years old and be distinctive, such as a hot rod, vintage vehicle, exotic or luxury vehicle, vintage military vehicle, or a muscle car.

While regular cars lose their value over a period of time, classic, collectible, and vintage cars actually increase in value as they restored and taken care of properly. You will need the proper insurance so protect your classic car in the event it is stolen or damaged by a fire, vandalism, or natural disaster.

While classic car insurance offers similar coverage options to that of regular cars and trucks, including collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, property damage, and of course, liability bodily injury and property insurance, the criterion is a little different. While coverage for normal vehicles is based on their actual cash value, classic car insurance coverage is based on an agreed value of your vehicle.

There are also certain criteria that must be met for you to obtain insurance coverage for your classic car, such as only driving it for special occasions and to car shows and parades around the country. You cannot drive your classic car on a regular basis to places like the grocery store and your place of employment.

To determine the correct amount of coverage and type of coverage you need to protect your classic vehicle in North Carolina properly, you will need to enlist the help of an experienced and knowledgeable insurance agent. The agents at the Craig Insurance Group Inc., serving the Raleigh, Durham, and Garner areas, are ready to serve all your classic insurance needs!

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