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RV Insurance for Full-Timers

Whether because of rising housing costs or wanting to stay on the road, you may have decided that living in an RV is a comfortable lifestyle that works for you and yours. Raleigh, NC is a wonderful city to live near, no matter how you do it, so we at Craig Insurance Group will do our best to get you matched with an RV insurance policy that suits your living conditions.

Most people who have an RV will have a part-time RV insurance policy since they will leave their vehicle parked and unused for months at a time. If you’re transitioning from another living situation into an RV that you have owned for some time, you may already have this type of coverage. Part-time coverage is a valid option, but those who live in their RV will need full-time RV insurance.

Aside from not having any periods of inactivity like part-time insurance does, you’ll typically have higher limits and a wider range of coverage that reflects the increased importance of the RV in your living situation. The policy more resembles a homeowners’ insurance policy, but you’ll still have the on-road protection needed whether your RV is towed or drivable. The combination of benefits is an all-around better solution for anyone using their RV as a full-time place to live.

Like any insurance policy, you’ll have optional coverage that will increase your premiums but provide benefits in more scenarios. The type of RV, its value, your driving record, and other factors will also be considered when a company is offering you a policy. To get a better idea of what full-time RV insurance offers and to get help finding the right provider, Craig Insurance Group of Raleigh, NC can be contacted through our website at any time.

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