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Life Insurance Isn’t Just For the Elderly

Many people believe that life insurance is only important for the elderly, but the truth is, having life insurance at any stage of life can give the insured and their beneficiaries unparalleled peace of mind. 

There are many reasons why people of all ages should carry life insurance.  The team at Craig Insurance Group in Raleigh, NC can answer your questions and help determine what plan fits your circumstances the best. Unexpected illnesses and accidents are a sad fact of life. Here are some basic reasons why life insurance is so vital for people in early adulthood or middle age:

  • You are getting married and starting a family: More likely than not, your spouse and children rely on your income.  If you pass away, the benefits of a life insurance policy can help pay bills, removing undue financial stress from your family
  • You are incurring large debts on items like cars and houses: Life insurance benefits could help your loved one pay off cars, homes, and even student loans or other debt
  • You don’t have funds set aside to cover funeral expenses: Life insurance can solve this problem for your family and take a huge financial burden off their plates
  • Your employer might not offer sufficient coverage: Many employers offer life insurance. However, this coverage is likely to be minimal, these policies also end when your employment does.  Having an individual policy will guarantee consistency and that you have coverage that is sufficient for your needs. 

If you don’t have life insurance and want to learn more about the options available, or even if you do have life insurance but think you need to make some adjustments, contact us at Craig Insurance Group in Raleigh, NC. 

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